Thursday, April 3, 2008

How Literature Changes, Yet Stays the Same

The photograph at left shows the cover of The Farm Journal, July, 1935. It was published by the Wilmer Atkinson Company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Inside, there are recipes, an article on how to grow late summer flowers, a piece on barn architecture and it's relationship to hen rearing and stories for leisure reading. What caught my eye was the story on page 16.
Children and Books : Have a home library plan and adhere to it, by Jean Kirk.
Ms. Kirk wrote, "But when there are no libraries near at hand and not so many dollars to spend on books, what are parents going to do to keep up with the growing demands for knowledge that are being made by their children?"
She goes on to share the story of a mother who compiled poetry, craft articles, educational pieces and picture books. This mother bound her 'library' of information with 'heavy wire fasteners'. In one volume, or perhaps many, the article doesn't quite say, this mother created her own library, specific to her interests, needs and objectives.
We do the very same thing, today. It's called 'Cut','Paste' and 'File'. No scissors required!

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Dorothy said...

Becky, your blog enchants me. I love the way you incorporate such vivid pictures with your topic.